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Case Studies

“…went from $10.1 million in volume to over $13 million in volume”

While some team leaders might struggle with recruiting new agents, Kris brought on a new agent simply by offering an ISA to make calls for him. This unique proposition has allowed his team to grow without any outbound recruiting. Kris was also able to increase his average sales price from $134k up to $175k and went from $10.1 million in volume to over $13 million, all thanks to his Appointments Today ISA.

“Jennifer will have her best year ever thanks to our calling services…”

Last year Jennifer’s total volume was $11.7 Million, and is now on pace to reach over $15 Million this year. Due to the increase in appointments set for her, Jennifer has taken more listings than ever before and will have her best year in the business thanks to our calling services.

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